Buggy Safari Rides and Skybike Tours

Exploring Dubrovnik's Natural Beauty: Buggy Safari Rides and Skybike Tours

Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating adventure through the stunning landscapes of Dubrovnik? Look no further than Outdoor Dubrovnik – your gateway to thrilling experiences that blend the charm of this historic city with the excitement of outdoor activities. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or an adrenaline junkie, Outdoor Dubrovnik offers two unforgettable ways to explore the region’s natural beauty: Buggy Safari Rides and Skybike Tours.

Buggy Safari Rides: Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit

Imagine navigating through rugged terrains, ancient olive groves, and breathtaking coastal vistas aboard a powerful off-road buggy. Outdoor Dubrovnik’s Buggy Safari Rides are designed to provide an adrenaline-pumping experience for adventurers of all levels. Equipped with the latest safety features, these buggies allow you to venture off the beaten path and discover Dubrovnik’s hidden gems.

As you traverse through diverse landscapes, you’ll witness the convergence of the Adriatic Sea and lush landscapes, creating a visual symphony that’s bound to leave you in awe. Led by experienced guides, this safari takes you on a journey where history meets adventure, and where you can capture Instagram-worthy moments at every turn. Get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime!

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Experience Dubrovnik's Great Outdoors with Outdoor Dubrovnik

Outdoor Dubrovnik is your gateway to adventure, offering buggy safari rides and skybike tours that let you explore the city’s natural beauty in an exhilarating way. Whether you’re seeking heart-pounding excitement or a leisurely exploration, these experiences are designed to cater to your preferences. With safety as a top priority, you can rest assured that every moment of your journey will be both thrilling and secure.

Don’t miss out on the chance to create memories that will last a lifetime. Book your adventure with Outdoor Dubrovnik today and embark on a journey that combines the best of history, nature, and adrenaline!

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Skybike Tours: Cycling with a Bird's-Eye View

For those who prefer a different kind of thrill, Outdoor Dubrovnik’s Skybike Tours offer a unique perspective of this stunning city. Picture yourself cycling along picturesque trails that wind through ancient vineyards, charming villages, and coastal cliffs. What sets Skybike Tours apart is the innovative use of electric-assist bikes that make uphill climbs a breeze, ensuring you enjoy every moment of the journey.

As you pedal along, you’ll soak in panoramic views of Dubrovnik’s mesmerizing landscapes. From the iconic red-roofed buildings of the Old Town to the serene Adriatic coastline, each pedal stroke will unveil a new vista to captivate your senses. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or a casual rider, this tour promises an unforgettable way to experience Dubrovnik’s natural wonders.

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Dubrovnik Cable Car

How long cable car ride takes in Dubrovnik? It takes about 5minutes from bottom station to mount Srđ.

How long does it take to walk down from Dubrovnik Cable Car to Dubrovnik? It takes 50 minutes up to 1h.

Does Dubrovnik card include cable car? Dubrovnik card does not include cable car tickets.

Where to buy tickets for cable car? Tickets you can buy on lower station or at this link

Can you drive a car to Srđ? Yes, you can, but it is extremely narrow and steep.

How high is Srđ? It sits at 412m.

What is on Srđ? Best view in Dubrovnik, Old fortress with war museum and Outdoor Dubrovnik best Buggy Dubrovnik provider.

Dubrovnik Cable car

Dubrovnik Buggy Adventure

Everyone needs a little bit of adventure in their life, don’t you agree? We have something no one can resist.

Join our tour and make the most of your holiday while exploring one of the most beautiful cities. If you are not so sure what exactly a buggy is now is a perfect time to find out. Strap into a two-seat Buggy with your partner and discover the amazing landscape of Mount Srdj.

Feel the wind in your hair and the thrill of adrenaline on fully automatic and easy to use Buggy. It’s an adventure for young and old, beginners or pros.

Driving through the preserved and untouched nature is an absolute must. Escape the busy beaches and crowded centre and choose adventure where every curve in the road brings you unexpected sights, smells and sounds. The tour where you drive and we lead. Our guide knows all the best spots for photo opportunities. But don’t worry about missing out; you can swap with your partner, so you will both experience the thrill of being behind the wheel.  The only thing you need is a driving licence and a spirit for adventure.

Every day is a fun day when you drive our Buggy, so hurry up and check us off from your bucket list.  

About Buggy Dubrovnik

Buggy Dubrovnik

Our team of professionals will be there to help you every step of the way. They will provide all the necessary information and advice to make sure that you have a great experience.

You won’t want to miss out on this experience, especially since it takes place in Srdj Hill. However, you can also explore Bosanka.

We will provide all the necessary information and instructions to make sure that you have a great time. Remember, if you want something that you have never done before, then try it!


Dubrovnik Outdoor Srd

What to do in Dubrovnik

2 Things to do in Dubrovnik

After visiting Old town in Dubrovnik, museums, churches etc. you will be wondering what to do next.

At the top of Mt. Srđ we have set adventure spot for you. Here you will be able to drive buggy on top of the hills, If you wish to drive buggy on your own, without our driver -why not? Here we offer self driving tour!

Enjoy the thrill of offroad adventure tour in Dubrovnik.

Secondly, try our new activity Sky Bike! Our unique adventure brings you up to the sky and over the hill on a flying bicyle zipline.

Enjoy views to Dubrovnik as you peddle over and take the “Leap of Faith” rappel to the ground when you’re finished.

Where to rent buggy in Dubrovnik?

We offer great buggies for great price! What else to search for? Simply click here to contact us if you wish to rent a buggy and drive on top of hill Srđ. 

We look forward to welcome you!