Dubrovnik Outdoor Srd

2 Things to do in Dubrovnik

After visiting Old town in Dubrovnik, museums, churches etc. you will be wondering what to do next.

At the top of Mt. Srđ we have set adventure spot for you. Here you will be able to drive buggy on top of the hills, If you wish to drive buggy on your own, without our driver -why not? Here we offer self driving tour!

Enjoy the thrill of offroad adventure tour in Dubrovnik.

Secondly, try our new activity Sky Bike! Our unique adventure brings you up to the sky and over the hill on a flying bicyle zipline.

Enjoy views to Dubrovnik as you peddle over and take the “Leap of Faith” rappel to the ground when you’re finished.

Where to rent buggy in Dubrovnik?

We offer great buggies for great price! What else to search for? Simply click here to contact us if you wish to rent a buggy and drive on top of hill Srđ. 

We look forward to welcome you!