A great activity for people of any age, our adventure tour will take you to astounding views and scenic beauty just a short distance from Dubrovnik’s Old Town. As you drive through fields and rugged hills, you’ll be able to truly escape Dubrovnik’s crowds and see something new.

The Dubrovnik Buggy Safari lasts for 35minutes, and includes sights from the recent war (including former minefields), as well as fortresses, forests, mountains and animals. You’ll take in an amazing 360° view of Dubrovnik, the coast, and the archipelago to the north. Starting from the cable car station stop Mt. Srd, our tours are easy to find, and convenient as well, running hourly from 09:00-19:00, so visit us anytime, or contact us for details, reservations, or a private transfer up from Dubrovnik at a good price.

Quick Info

  • Level Easy
  • Duration 35 minutes
  • Age from 18 years for drivers from 5 years as passangers
  • Price 32 Euro per person



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