Dubrovnik Cable Car

How long cable car ride takes in Dubrovnik? It takes about 5minutes from bottom station to mount Srđ.

How long does it take to walk down from Dubrovnik Cable Car to Dubrovnik? It takes 50 minutes up to 1h.

Does Dubrovnik card include cable car? Dubrovnik card does not include cable car tickets.

Where to buy tickets for cable car? Tickets you can buy on lower station or at this link

Can you drive a car to Srđ? Yes, you can, but it is extremely narrow and steep.

How high is Srđ? It sits at 412m.

What is on Srđ? Best view in Dubrovnik, Old fortress with war museum and Outdoor Dubrovnik best Buggy Dubrovnik provider.

Dubrovnik Cable car